About Supermoto

SuperMoto is a sport that takes several different types of motorcycle racing and combines them all into one fun sport! The courses are about 70% asphalt and 30% dirt with at least one jump (typically a tabletop) and some right and left handers thrown in to keep you on your toes. SuperMoto racing is a relatively inexpensive way to experience the precision and control of road racing, the flight of motocross racing, and the controlled slide of dirt track racing.

SuperMoto (also known as Supermotard or SuperTT) emerged in the United States in the late 70’s through the mid 80’s with the popularity of the ABC Wide World of Sports television series “Superbikers”. This series pitted select riders from the disciplines of road racing, flat track, and motocross against each other in order to answer the bigger question of who was the best of the best. The U.S. series may have faded into history but the Europeans adopted the sport and have elevated it to new levels (Supermotard is the French translation derived from the word “superbikers”). The sport has developed a huge European following as evidenced by the debut of an FIM sanctioned World Championship in 2002.

SuperMoto has shown a huge comeback in the United States with riders of all facets of motorcycle racing becoming involved with the AMA Redbull Series and the AMA SuperMoto Grand Championships both emerging in 2003. Both series have featured riders such as Jeremy McGrath, Jeff Ward, Doug Henry, Cassidy Anderson, Micky Dymond, Chris Fillmore, Mike Metzger, Kevin Schwantz, The Bostrom brothers, The Hayden brothers, Grant Langston, Jake Zemke, Jeff Matiasevich, Larry Pegram, Joe Kopp, Mark Avard, and many more.

SuperMoto racing in southern Nevada will NOT be limited to only the pro’s. Stateline Supermoto will be holding races for amateurs as well, and we encourage you to come out and give it a try!!

The Stateline Supermoto Challenge will feature racing for motorcycles, quads, mini’s, and Rhinos!

Come and check out this year’s action on April 7-11 at Buffalo Bills Resort & Casino!


Stateline Challenge Pre-Entry

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Pre-Registration will open February 1 and close March 20, 2016
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