Know Your Moto

What do I have to do to prep my bike to race SuperMoto?

Remove the coolant from your bike's motor. (mandated by the race tracks) You need to replace the coolant with distilled water. There is a product made be Redline called "water wetter" that you can get at just about any shop, that you add to the water. This acts as a lubricant for the water pump, and reduces the friction in your cooling system, which keeps the engine temperature down.

To prevent fluid from leaking onto the track and causing accidents, you will be required to place a dab of silicone or "gorilla snot" on each bolt that has fluid behind it. (oil drain bolt, oil filler cap, water pump drain plug, etc.) Safety wiring these bolts is the preferred method, but is not mandatory. To safety wire a bolt, you must drill a hole through the head. You then run safety wire through the head of the bolt and around something else that is stationary on your bike. It is very important to make sure that the safety wire is pulling toward the right side of the bolt, as this will keep the bolt from backing out. The purpose of using the silicone or safety wire on these bolts is to ensure that your bolts don't back out due to vibration and leak fluid onto the track. Below are a couple of photos that have been taken of safety wiring the oil drain plug, oil lines, and the oil filter cover. The oil filter cover has been wired in a “daisy chain” manner, which links all three bolts together in a continuous manner. This puts continuous pressure on the right side of each bolt, so that they do not back out. The other two bolts that hold the oil lines on are both wired together with each pulling the other to the right to keep the bolts tight.

For more information on Safety Wiring and techniques, please visit:

Do I have to have 17” SuperMoto wheels to race?

Absolutely not! We have a class for all of the people that just want to come and check it out without spending the big bucks on the 17” wheels. This is the Sportsman class, and you can race it with your stock wheels and suspension! There are some really good tires that you can get for your stock wheels, and they are about the same price as regular MX tires. You can also race all of the other classes with your Sportsman setup if you like. You are not just restricted to the Sportsman class.

Do I have to have the big brakes?

No, you do not have to have the big brakes. However, the faster you become, the more that you will need additional braking power. Your stock brakes will begin to fade and become unreliable at a point when you have begun to pick up the pace. At this point, I would suggest moving up to the larger brakes. You can move up in stages if you want to, as this is not cheap, but worth every penny! You can purchase the rotor first, and then get the brake line, caliper, and master cylinder at a later time if you want to. You will notice a huge improvement by just adding the 320 mm rotor. It actually is about being safer, and not just faster. You need to have the confidence that your brakes will be there for you lap after lap, and the bigger brake set up does provide you with that.

What about hand guards?

Hand guards are optional as well. Unlike off-road racing, we won’t be blasting through the trees and bushes. However, if you do go down, hand guards tend to save your levers and also your hands on occasion.

What about axle sliders?

Axle sliders look like skate board wheels that run through your front and rear axles. They are designed to take the abuse of your bike sliding on its side (not that any of us would ever have a little get-off). They rub on the asphalt before the rest of your bike does, so your pipe and plastic don’t get nearly as damaged.


Quad Info

Stateline Supermoto is leading the way to make the sport of Quad Supermoto a legitimate form of quad racing that will be around for years to come. This has been proven by other sanctioning bodies creating and awarding National Championships for Quad Supermoto!!

Safety Items that will be mandatory

- Kill switch with wrist band / laniard that kills the motor when detached from quad

- Maximum width of 52" from outside to outside of tires

- All quads must have nerf bars

- All nerf bars, bumpers, and grab bars must be of continuous loop style with no open ends and no sharp edges

These items will all be verified at tech inspection.  If your quad does not meet these requirements, you will not be allowed to enter the track.

Stateline Challenge Pre-Entry

Click here to pre-enter.

Pre-Registration will open February 1 and close March 20, 2016
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