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2016 Details

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Pre-Registration Open 2/19/2016 - 3/29/2016


Confirmed Registrations:




Race Notes:

Heats will be gridded by the order in which an entry is received. Post entries are only gridded by order received. (Pro classes to do pea pick for grid position)

Stateline Supermoto Class Structure

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the pits, Rider’s who are caught drinking before or during the races will have to leave the premises immediately upon the request of security with no refund.
NO PIT RIDING!!!! The penalty will be disqualification from the event for you or the rider you are with. (riding your bike to and from staging in 1st gear is permitted though)

Fire Extinguishers are mandatory in each pit!

Pre-Entry Race Fees

Pro Classes - $120

Pro/Am Classes - $100
1st Big Bike or Quad Class - $80
Each Add'l Class - $60
Mini-Moto Classes - $45
Add'l Mini-Moto Class - $30
Mini-Moto Jr. & Mini Quad Classes - $30

* Pro entries do not count as a 1st big bike or quad entry, as there are purses for those classes.

** There will be no registration refunds after pre-registration is closed*
***There will be an additional $30 post entry fee at the event

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2007 Stateline Challenge Pre-Entry Reminder

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Pre-Registration begins Feb  1st for this year's Stateline Supermoto Challenge!

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